About Horace

as a Tai Chi Practicioner

I have been practicing tai chi for over three decades and have trained under several instructors over these years from around North America and China. 

I practice the Yang, Sun, and Chen styles as well as the National Combined Routines.  In certain styles, I not only practice the fist forms, but the various sword (straight and broad), fan, and other weapon routines.

24 Forms from Back

Each of my teachers has given me a different insight into the beautiful art of tai chi – be it from the martial art side or health promoting aspects.  However, I must say that my most recent instructors have had a big impact on my style and most importantly, on my enthusiasm for the art.

Tai Chi Fan

These inspirational instructors are:

Master Chen Bing, 20th direct descendent of Chen style tai chi
Troyce Thome, expert in Sun style tai chi
Dr. Paul Lam, big promoter of tai chi for health purposes

as a Teacher

It felt like it was only yesterday, but I started teaching tai chi on September 2, 1998 (yes, the very day that the Swissair Flight 111 disaster happened) in a small community room in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Shortly after then I began teaching all across Canada.   I really don’t believe it, but I have been teaching tai chi for about a decade now.